Month: August 2020

What If My Health Insurance Changes During my Accident Claim?

In the state of Utah, everyone involved in an auto accident can access Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance regardless of fault. However, once your PIP limit is exceeded, you may have to front the cost of your medical treatment with your own health insurance; receiving compensation once your claim has been settled. But what happens …

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Why You May Not Feel Immediate Pain After an Auto Accident

After an auto accident or any traumatic event, your body will activate its fight or flight response mechanisms. By doing this, your body produces and releases its own form of opioids called endogenous opioids. These opioids bind to the opiate receptors located in the brain and spinal cord, reducing and delaying your perception of pain. …

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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles offer their drivers a sense of freedom and adventure, however, motorcycles are not safer than passenger vehicles. According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcycle accidents have a higher rate of injury and fatality compared to passenger vehicles.  The size of a motorcycle, and it’s lack of safety features like seatbelts …

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Radiofrequency Ablation

What is a Radiofrequency Ablation?  Radiofrequency ablation is a treatment that targets the medial branch nerves that run along your facet joints. Before this procedure, you will have a medial branch block to ensure this treatment will work for you. If you had significant pain relief from your medial branch block, you would benefit from …

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Accidents with First Responders

When an accident occurs involving first responders, the post-accident process may become exceedingly complex; as several legal protections exist to reduce their liability. These protections, otherwise known as sovereign immunity, remove liability in certain circumstances, such as auto accidents. However, each state has conditions that nullify this immunity. For instance, if a first responder acted …

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