How To Get Auto Insurance Without an Address

Purchasing auto insurance can be difficult without a permanent address, as insurance companies use this information to calculate risk. Insurance companies assess risk to determine your insurance policy premium. When assessing risk, your auto insurance company considers factors such as:

  • Traffic Density
  • Crime Rates
  • Accident Statistics
  • General Weather Conditions

Without a permanent address, your insurance company won’t be able to accurately assess your risk. Therefore, they may refuse to provide insurance coverage. However, there are several ways in which you can still purchase auto insurance for your vehicle. 

How To Get Auto Insurance Coverage If You Are Moving

If you do not currently have a permanent address, but have signed a lease and are waiting to move in, your auto insurance company might provide coverage to you based on the address of your soon to be home. Similarly, if you are living with a friend, and waiting to move to a new location, you can use your friend’s address until you are able to move. Once settled, you can update your address with your insurance provider. 

Note that if you do not sign a lease, your insurer may refuse to provide you with insurance coverage. Without a lease, there is nothing guaranteeing your continuous living in a specific area. Therefore, your insurance company may deem you too-high of a risk to insure. 

How To Get Insurance Coverage If You Live in Your Vehicle or are Homeless

If you live in your vehicle or are homeless, the easiest way to get auto insurance is to list a friend’s or family member’s address on your insurance application. However, if you decide to use a friend’s address, you will need to park your car there when you are not using it, otherwise, your insurance company may revoke your insurance coverage. Once you are able to obtain a more permanent lodging, you can then change the address listed on your insurance policy.

You can also purchase a P.O. box, and provide this address to your insurance company. However, not all auto insurance providers will recognize a P.O. box as a legitimate address. Furthermore, you may be able to use the address of various homeless shelters or churches so long as they accept mail for their guests. If you regularly stay at a certain homeless shelter, and park in their parking lot, ask them if they would be willing to receive mail for you so you can receive insurance coverage.

Why Auto Insurance is Required

All states, except New Hampshire, require all drivers to carry at least liability insurance. Insurance serves as a financial protection in the event of disaster; i.e. car accidents or other disasters that might result in damage to your vehicle. If you do not have insurance, you will not receive financial protection if damage to your vehicle occurs.

Furthermore, most states have no-pay-no-play insurance laws. Meaning, if you do not pay for your own insurance coverage, you cannot utilize another driver’s insurance benefits, even if they were liable for an auto accident. Therefore, it will be in your best interest to purchase at least liabilty insurance, so you will have access to the funds you need to recover after an accident.

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