How to Talk To Your Insurance Company

Insurance companies work hard to reduce the value of their insured’s claim. They do this to save money, and generally keep the cost of insurance premiums from rising. Therefore, it is important that you know how to talk with your insurance adjuster to better your chances of being fairly compensated. 

Stick to the Facts

When talking with your insurance adjuster do not speculate, only provide the facts of your accident. The insurance company will conduct its own investigation and will come to their own determinations.

The information that your insurance adjuster will need includes when the accident occurred; where the accident occurred; the type of collision (i.e. rear-end, t-bone, head-on, etc); and the identity of any witnesses that may help them in their investigation. If your adjuster asks you additional questions, let them know the police are currently investigating the matter and you’ll submit a police report as soon as you can. 

Be Honest/Don’t Exaggerate

To maintain good standing with your insurance company, you need to be honest with them. Do not claim to be injured if you are not, do not make false accusations. Once again, your insurance company will be investigating your accident and will more than likely uncover the truth. If your insurance company catches you in a lie, they will mark you as unreliable in their system, which will only further complicate the claims process.

Your insurance adjuster may ask you to describe your injuries to them. However, you should wait to do this until you know the full extent of your injuries. Furthermore, you should only provide your insurance with the injuries diagnosed by a medical professional. If they ask you about your injuries prior to a doctor’s visit you should respond with something along the lines of “I’m currently seeking treatment and will keep you updated”, or “I have a doctor’s appointment scheduled soon and will update you following the appointment.” This will prevent the insurance company from questioning later injuries that may develop.

Avoid Admittance of Fault

When talking with the adjuster you should avoid statements that indicate your fault or any negligence on your part. Otherwise, the adjuster may mark your claim as an at-fault claim; increasing your insurance premiums, and reducing your claim value. Statements that may indicate your fault include: “I’m so sorry”, or “I don’t understand how this happened”. 

Avoid Statements of Wellbeing

When you first get in contact with your insurance company, following an auto accident, the adjuster will ask you how you are doing. When answering this question, use phrases like “I’ve been better” or “I’m seeking treatment for my injuries”. Using statements such as “I’m fine” or “I’m alright” may cause the insurance company to question your injuries down the road, as these statements suggest your health and wellbeing. 

Be Polite and Courteous

When speaking with your insurance adjuster, remain calm and be courteous. Generally speaking, people are more willing to help those they like. This may result in your claim getting processed faster, or may cause the adjuster to believe you over the other party if a key detail comes into question.

Avoid Long Narrative Answers

You should never volunteer information when speaking with your adjuster. The insurance adjuster may attempt to initiate an informal conversation, with the intention to get you to speak freely. Remember to be polite and courteous, but do not provide them with any extra or unnecessary details.

Hire an Attorney

If you choose to hire an attorney, all correspondence between yourself and your insurance must be facilitated through them (the attorney). This will give you peace of mind as you progress through the post-accident process; knowing that your attorney knows exactly what to say to your insurance company, and will make sure you are well taken care of.

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