Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Auto Accidents?

Generally speaking, your homeowners insurance policy will not cover damages caused by an auto accident. However, this will depend on the specific circumstances of the accident. For example, if the accident takes place on your property, your homeowner’s insurance may cover the resulting property damage on your house, yard, or fence. Additionally, if you decide to pursue the at-fault driver’s in a lawsuit, their homeowner’s insurance may cover the awarded monies.

Homeowners and auto insurance companies write their policies to apply to specific situations, preventing as much overlap as possible. However, in certain situations, the application of coverage may overlap.

What Will Homeowners Insurance Cover?

Homeowners insurance not only covers damages that may occur to your home; but can also cover any property damage or injuries that may result from negligent actions of family members or pets. Furthermore, if an injured party pursues your assets, your homeowners insurance policy can prevent the liquidation of your assets. 

However, homeowners insurance generally won’t cover an auto accident (except in certain circumstances); as auto insurance provides coverage for vehicular damage and medical expenses. Neither auto insurance nor homeowners insurance will provide coverage for intentional acts. Intentional acts can include assault, battery, vandalism, etc. 

When Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Auto Accidents?

Though your homeowners insurance may pay for a portion of your auto accident, they won’t pay for an entire incident. Meaning, your homeowners insurance may cover the repair or replacement of previously covered physical property; generally not providing coverage for auto repairs. For example, if an at-fault driver damages a fence on your property, your homeowners insurance may cover the repairs to your fence.

However, when an auto accident occurs, the at-fault driver’s auto insurance should compensate you for any physical damages that may result. If their policy limits have been exceeded, you can file a claim with your homeowners insurance, or you may be able to file a claim with your auto insurance if you have underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage. 

Homeowners insurance may pay for some medical expenses

Furthermore, if an at-fault driver strikes another person on your property, your homeowners insurance may pay for some of their medical expenses; as the injury occurred on your property. Again, the at-fault driver’s auto insurance will act as primary coverage for the medical expenses of the injured party; up to their policy limits. However, if their policy limits are exceeded, the injured party can then seek compensation from you, in which case your homeowner’s insurance may step in and cover the damages.

Additionally, your homeowners insurance may provide coverage for items stolen out of your vehicle. However, in order to receive coverage, these items must not have been purchased for exclusive use in your automobile. 

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